We’re always looking for great people to connect with who are interested in joining the Excite Media family. If you’ve got a passion for the web and an enthusiasm for life – then we’re keen to hear from you!

Roles We Hire For…

Digital Marketing Account Manager (ACTIVELY HIRING!)

Do you love working with clients to add value to their businesses through digital marketing? If this sounds like you, then we’d love to hear from you!

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SEO Specialist

Do you dream in Schema? Do you breathe GMB? Do you eat Featured Snippets for breakfast? Ok, too far 😛  We’re looking for an enthusiastic SEO Specialist who loves working directly with small-medium business owners to help them achieve SEO success. If this sounds like you, we’re keen to talk!

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Web Designer

A creative role for those who love crafting beautiful, yet outcome oriented, website designs. This role is a healthy mix of Graphic Design, HTML, CSS, and WordPress. If you’re creative, and love designing for the web – let’s chat!

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Web Developer

If you live and breathe semi-colons and curly brackets, and enjoy solving a googolplex of technical challenges in PHP, JS, HTML, CSS, MySQL, and WordPress – this is the role for you!


We love working with creative copywriters who can craft compelling communications in the areas of website copy, direct-response landing pages, and blog articles. Could you caption this paragraph in a more captivating way? Let us know!

Web Project Manager

Are you “the ultimate organiser” and love managing new website projects from start to finish? This role is ideal for someone who loves all aspects of the web design/development process, but most importantly loves working with people (teammates and clients) to get the best possible results.

PPC Specialist

Do you love optimising paid media campaigns on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn? If you’d like to join our team to help deliver positive ROI for our clients’ campaigns – give us a shout!

Something Else?

We’re always looking for good people, so if you’re interested in working in a role other than what’s listed above, don’t be shy – we still want to hear from you!

What We’re About…

A Caring Culture…

Our team is like family, and we show care and support for each other. That’s what makes coming to work so enjoyable. We not only work together, but can often be found catching up outside of work. Whether that be a “Tuesday Night Trivia” session, a team camping trip, or helping Matt shovel that 3 cubic metres of mulch he ordered too much of!

Lots of Happy Customers…

It’s great to have your work appreciated, which is why we’re really strong on providing friendly and helpful customer service. With a client satisfaction rating of 9.2/10, it makes for a happy working environment knowing that we are doing the right thing by our clients.

Team Happiness…

One of the most important things we strive for is a 9/10 “Team Happiness” score. This is about more than just how many perks we provide, but how much we are helping to provide a meaningful, rewarding, healthy and happy environment for the whole Excite Media family.